02 June 2015

Aim High

The USAF is running a recruiting ad featuring Bill Clinton giving a speech applauding the military.

Do they really think that a sound-bite endorsement from Slick Willy will be attractive to the sort of people that would join the military?

Or is the Air Force finally lending truth to the old joke...


  1. I think the Air Force blew it,...

  2. In the Axis of Time trilogy, there's a USN aircraft carrier named the *yuck* USS Hillary Clinton, after "the toughest anti-terrorist president the US ever had." The author's Australian and I don't know how to reach him; if I did, I would tell him that as unpopular as the Clintons were and are in the US military, any ship named after That Woman, whether it be a mighty aircraft carrier or a lowly tugboat, would be nicknamed USS Hill of Beans.


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