01 June 2015

Freak Out

Nothing is quite so terrifying as a quick return on a loved one's lab work and a call to come to the doctor's office to talk about the results.

Think happy thoughts towards The Lovely Harvey.


  1. Good news, it's your normal "hey you're fat!" stuff.

  2. May the returns ever be normal doctor-y chiding stuff.

    (Remember, after about 35 or 40, the doctor's never going to say "Hey! Everything's great! You just keep doing whatever it is you're doing!" It's all various degrees of bad news once the warranty's expired. "Doc, if I wanted this kind of nagging, I'd have gone to see my mom. She's out of network, yeah, but she bills cheaply." ;) )

    1. There was a warranty?

      That'll teach me to be born not being able to read the fine print.


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