10 June 2015

Self Righteous

Sure seems to be a lot of sanctimonious _I_ paid off _MY_ student loans because _I'M_ an _ADULT_ stories and posts of late.

Good on you for being able to pay them off early.

Fuck you for thinking that the only reason someone cannot pay a debt is because they're stupid.

I hope you are spared the misfortune that leaves you standing at the foot of a mountain of debt that was manageable yesterday but is today untenable.

That you never have your household income cut by 2/3 and have to make the choice between the mortgage and the loans.  Or electricity and the mortgage.

It takes years of being an adult to recover from that.  Years and years.

But, hey, I am happy for you that you didn't have to make the hard choices because being an adult means misfortune never strikes you.


  1. Or how about finding out that you're trapped in a part of the country where there are no jobs to be had? Funny thing about employment---like the tango and various other activities, it takes two. If no one will hire you, you can't earn money and can't pay down those damn debts.

    And bad cess to the colleges for selling people on unsalable majors.

    1. I love the lectures too, don't you?

      "Move to where the jobs are." I did that. Then my whole field dried up.

      "Get an education in a different field." I did that. Then Depression 2.0 started just as I graduated. The Boy also got substantially worse during this time and my ADULT responsibility is to my son before mere finances. It would not have mattered, but Depression 2.0 also affected the now sole bread-winner in the home with vastly reduced pay coupled with vastly increased medical expenses.

      "Take a lower level job." I tried that. When they discover how over educated I am now, they don't call back.


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