29 June 2015


Something that drove me a little nuts way back when I was playing Twilight: 2000 using the actual GDW rules was the scale of the maps.

I went to some effort to obtain genuine USGI Defense Mapping Agency maps of Poland in and around the areas depicted in the published adventures.

Those maps were lost... somewhere.

Because GURPS deals with real units and has stats for real guns, it's super easy to convert the setting from one set of rules to the other.

But I was back to the GDW maps.

The players never seemed to mind, happily.

I was bopping along today and remembered Google Maps...

Street View of Kalisz!

I can't say I am the first to notice how Google simplifies the mapping.

Anglave ran a Korean War with Magic campaign and he used Google Earth to good effect.  You could actually see why Task Force: Smith made their stand at that location.  It's the best ground for miles and with Google Earth you can get down to eye level and see the contours!

It figures that such advances happen as I no longer have much opportunity to game.

Dang it all!

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