11 June 2015

Moar Leverage

Marv's KSG's magazine selector was floppy.

It'd fall into the center, magazine-cut-off, position with depressing regularity.

Hoping to fix the problem with parts, he ordered an extended magazine selector.

Installation was super simple, just remove the screw holding the old one on, remove (being careful to not lose the detent and spring) then...

Wait, lose what?

That looks like a detent, but it doesn't move.

Stuck down flush with the receiver.

What appears to have happened is Marv's gun was made on Free Loctite Day at the Kel-Tec plant.  The screw was generously coated.  The brass bushing (that's supposed to move independently from the selector) was glued to the selector.  The spring and detent were glued into their hole.

Some PB Blaster and a whack with a punch freed it up and some picking at it with the end of a small screwdriver got it so it'd pop out like it's supposed.

Installation of the new selector was a breeze!

The instructions from Hi Tech CC don't mention it, but it's a ton easier to get at the screw with the butt pad and trigger group removed.

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