28 June 2015

Vacation National Corvette Museum

The NCM is Mecca for Corvette owners.

Not much changes from year to year, but the differences are often worth catching.

They had the concept cars that led (or not) to various generations of Corvette on display.

This is not a 2011 Grand Sport!

The big news since the last time I was up there was the sink hole.

This is the '62 that'd fallen in...

That'll Zaino right out!
The dome is almost fixed.

They have special parking reserved for Corvettes by the main entrance.  I had a sad when I was the only Vette parked there.  When I was leaving I'd been joined by a C7 and a C5 towing a trailer.  I didn't take a picture of that because a trailer hitch on a 'Vette is abomination.


  1. I knew a guy with a trailer-hitched Corvette, but the smaller sized boat on the trailer had a much better HP to weight ratio than the Corvette.
    And the paint jobs matched too.
    Unless one can do that kind of towing, leave the hitch on the pick-up.

    1. He is wrong and he should feel bad.


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