12 June 2015


It is not unusual for television shows, even sitcoms to have larger story arcs.

What that means is some episodes have a proper sequence.

I've noticed a trend at Fox and their parade of one-season shows.

Firefly is probably most famous.

Enlisted was struck the same way.

Here's the corrected viewing order.

Episode # 1 Pilot (aired as episode 1)

Episode # 2 Rear D Day (aired as episode 5)

Episode # 3 Pete’s Airstream (aired as episode 3)

Episode # 4 Parade Duty (aired as episode 7)

Episode # 5 Brother and Sister (aired as episode 6)

Episode # 6 Randy Get Your Gun (aired as episode 2)

Episode # 7 Vets (aired as episode 8)

Episode # 8 Prank War (aired as episode 10)

Episode # 9 Homecoming (aired as episode 4)

Episode # 10 Paint Cart 5000 vs. The Mondo Spider (aired as episode 9)

Episode # 11 The General Inspection (aired as episode 11)

Episode # 12 Army Men (aired as episode 12)

Episode # 13 Alive Day (aired as episode 13)

If you bought the series on iTunes, as I did, then right click on the episode, select "Gef Info", then change the "episode number" in the video tab from the aired order to the corrected order.

Suddenly several things make more sense, and really improve the flow of the show.

If you haven't seen Enlisted yet, make a point of it.  It's funny.

Also, it's not a documentary or a drama...  Try to keep that in mind when, "but the Army doesn't/isn't" bubbles up.

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