14 June 2015

Whom I Have Wronged

Someone I used to know searched their name and found themselves looking at their name on my blog.

They asked if I could change that.


The only thing I asked was if they had a preference for a name to replace theirs in the post.

It's good they had a nom de Thagsblog because I'm not very imaginative about such things when I'm not angry at the person.

That's why the Shitheel family has very creative names and others don't...

Their contact also gave me a chance to say I was sorry about how the friendship ended.

It started by my trying to make a joke in the comments to their blog.

It ended with comments from many people at several places going off on each other and a "please never contact me again," issued to me.

While I was upset and sad, I didn't try to contact them until they sent this request.  Nor will I make further attempts should they not wish me to.

I did not comport myself to the highest values of the regiment that day.  I wanted, more than to be right, more than to be their friend; I wanted to win the argument that fell from my lame joke.

Gods that was stupid.

My first (sadly not last) lesson that in a pissing contest, everyone gets covered in piss so it doesn't really matter who wins.  Also that I should shut my stupid pie hole before I stuff my size-tens in there.  Especially since there were likely more civil and intelligent ways to express my opinion once the fight had begun.

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