10 June 2015

Good And Bad

First the bad.

Actually, first a story...  A friend bought a 10/22 from another friend.  He's storing it here because he doesn't have a child-proof means of storing it yet.  While I was moving his gun out of the way to get to one of my guns I heard a rattling sound from his gun.

Oh crap!  What did I break?

So I take it apart as far as the manual says you can.

The bolt stop is way too short.  One end can dangle loose inside when the other end is flush with the side of the receiver.  That's what was causing the rattle.

Now the good.

I called Ruger and asked how long the bolt stop pin is supposed to be.  The nice person on the phone says it should be flush with the outside of receiver on both sides.

I tell her it is not and she immediately says, "Do not continue to operate the firearm," then she took my personal information and a new pin should be winging it's way here.

Huzzah! on you Ruger!

Although I had the serial number ready, as instructed by the call system, I didn't need it.

Now to decide what extortionate price I shall level on my friend for fixing his gun!  BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thag, that was out loud, NOT your internal monologue.

Well son of a bi...

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