29 June 2015

Trip Trivia

Starting and ending in my driveway, I travelled 2,464.4 miles total.

For some stupid reason the trip odometers display a max of 2,000.

This counts the near hours in rush-hour Atlanta traffic going less than 5 mph because the rubber-neckers were gawking at a wreck that happened in the lanes going the opposite direction, about 400 miles of local driving in and around Indy, twenty minutes creeping just north of Chattanooga because someone had apparently jumped off an overpass and the entirety of Atlanta on the way home at about 30 mph because of the torrential rains.

Not bad for a 436 hp hatch-back!  When it was pure interstate mileage it was about 30.2 mpg.  All the stops and goes that lowered the average speed also lowered the average mileage.

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