12 June 2015

APA Style

A long time ago.  At a university far, far away...

I was a psychology major.

I did well in my classes, and was within three classes of graduating with a bachelor's of science in psych.

Three classes of English that I never completed because I took my internship and discovered that I would have loathed the career of being a psychologist despite how interesting the classes were.

So I dropped out.

One scar that remains from those three years is the American Psychological Association Citation and Format Style.

Because psych is all about publish or perish and brutally defending even the smallest original thought from poaching by others.

I physically twitch when I see something I wrote quoted without being cited.

The funny thing is I don't actually care for getting credit.  If I give you a great line, it's yours to use with or without telling anyone where it came from.

Yet I still twitch when someone actually uses the line.

Indoctrination is worthy of further study.  If I'd finished that degree I could get a grant, I'll bet!

I keep thinking I should see if my credits from the now-defunct Corinthians College I got my BBA from transfer to ISU to get those final English credits and get a sheepskin from them as well.  Prolly the wrong accreditation.


  1. I forwarded a link to this post to a friend of mine who is getting ready to defend her dissertation in psychology. I look forward to seeing how she responds....

  2. According to the rules of APA format, abstract should be no more than 150 to 250 words.

    APA Editor

    1. How many words should the representation be? Is there a concrete number for actual use?


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