07 June 2015


Welcome changes!

This most recent gunshow was different for me because The Lovely Harvey rarely gets to go.  The Boy needs someone to watch him and it's nearly always one or the other of us.

His adult training center has weekend outings and he took one today, so Harvey could go to the show.

Actually, she decided that I could come along with her... ;)

Since I wasn't on a mission, I just people watched for the most part.

The crowd was less white and less male than not even that long ago and far more girlie and brown than when I first got into gun-owning just after I cleared the Army.

And most of the girls were shopping for themselves rather than doing the "we're going out to dinner after this (and it'd BETTER be someplace nice)" checking the watch dance.

The shrine to National Socialist Germany is no longer with this show circuit and I think everyone is more relaxed without them.

Something clicked when I looked at all the people who look different from me.  People of the gun are people of the gun.

I'm not one for quotas, but it's nice to see that there's not exclusively one color exercising their right to keep and bear.  That it's not just one sex doing all the gun buying.

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