07 June 2015

Gun Show

Went to the Suncoast Gun Show at the Tampa fairgrounds today.

The Lovely Harvey now has two new carry purses and I have a new t-shirt!

Picked up a Triple-K brand magazine for the Star-B.

Not sure if it's going to work because it hand feeds just like the one that doesn't.  Same follower design too.  The one that works looks like someone cute the front of the follower in half and pried the right side of the curved portion to be flat with the top of the platform.

I'm thinking of trying it if the new magazine doesn't work right.

Prices on C&R stuff seems a bit down for rifles, except Mosins which are slowly climbing up.

No such thing as a Luger for under $2k.

Two Colt 1900's for sale.  One well loved for $2,600 and one mint in box for over $5k.  Although to my inexpert eye the minty one seemed TOO minty.  Did Colt make a commemorative run later on?  Something seemed off about it and I can't put a finger to it.

The people selling carry purses also had a Hotchkiss-Winchester carbine in .45-70 on their display.  Really neat gun!

.22 was available.  I didn't want to be that guy and buy up a bunch when I don't need any at the moment.

Prices on ammo seemed normal for this show, perhaps the panics have subsided a bit.

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