01 June 2015

Not Inconsistent

Unions wishing to be made exempt from the minimum wage laws they fomented for might not be contrary positions.

It could be a camel's nose ploy.

Union membership is at an all time low and places like Wal Mart have been notoriously difficult to unionize.

What if you could create a situation where Wal Mart came to you to get unionized and your workers on the floor?

If a union worker is $9 an hour and a non-union worker is $15...

It kind of makes sense.

Not that I'd trust the unions here.  Unionization is super easy, deunionizing is very difficult.  Like becoming a virgin again difficult.  By design.

Gods forbid the workers go, "this sucks we want to go back to how it used to be!"

Too late Comrade!

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