26 June 2015

Why My Conservative Panties Are In A Bunch

The Supreme Court made another wrong decision.

It's happened before (Dredd Scott, Slaughterhouse), it will happen again.

With ACA the main reason I am upset that the cheater's technicality didn't kill it with the Supremes is two-fold.

First, they really had to do some circumlocutions to arrive at the decision.  If the law doesn't mean what it says, how the hell am I to abide by it as a citizen?  If the laws meaning can only be determined after a lengthy battle through the courts, that is not "rule of law" that's "rule of man" and it's unamerican.

Second.  They're clearly telling us citizens to get off our asses and elect a congress with a mandate for repeal and a president who'll sign it.

I am coming to believe that even if we do elect such, they will ignore the mandates of the people and continue on as before.  They don't even have the balls to stand up to a star chamber trade deal.

The staggering weight of "we're not voting ourselves out of this" suddenly crushes all of the hope and optimism I've ever had.

Fuck it, we're doomed.

I pray death will find me before the endgame really hits and hard.

Way back when I learned of how our government is supposed to work I thought that Americans would never become peasants and that we'd never be subjects to a ruling aristocracy.

I was wrong.


  1. I could have sworn that the current Congress was sent to Washington with a mandate to change. They have given over to the other side already. So disappointed. Who owns them? :)

    1. Obviously the Democrats own them. The only mystery is how they came to be bought.


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