16 February 2017

Great Personal Risk

In my house I have a .45 M1911A1 and a 9mm Glock 17.

I have AR-15's, an AK and an FAL.

I have a .30-06 and a .270.

I figure I could start juggling antimatter now and not appreciably add to the danger of spontaneous explosions.


  1. Same here except no FAL.

    Also add in S&W revovlers, 3rd Gen Autos, and DAO polymer guns.

    Along with Browning, Remington, Beretta, and Winchester autoloaders.

    Ithaca, Mossberg, and Remington pumps.

  2. That's all?

    I have more than that in the Ready Safe.....

    I do, however, get your point.


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