22 February 2017

NOW They're Worried?

Got to listen to a liberal someone complain that deportations will lead to rising food costs.

Yes, it might.

But I find it odd that they're worried about food costs NOW when they didn't seem to care about the effects of ethanol mandates on the prices of food that used corn, like beef.

Sorry, kid, but when you tie yourself to an objective point, you kind of have to remain tied to it when it runs off the cliff.

1 comment:

  1. They just lie. They really have no principals, they have an agenda, and they hitch their agenda to a bunch of principals that they PRETEND they care about.

    Environmentalists don't give a shit about the environment, hence why they don't care that their electric cars are powered by coal and cadmium strip-mining.

    Same with this whole "Gun Violence Prevention" that takes ZERO interest in inner city gangs, in favor of 100% interest in restricting guns from law-abiding citizens.

    Nope, "Saving the Planet", and "Preventing Violence" (see also "Affordable Healthcare", "Living Wage", "Women's Rights", ect) are all just things that sound reasonable that they can hide behind.


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