18 February 2017

Open Letter To Palmetto State Armory

First, this is posted here and not at Arfcom or AKFiles because here I am the moderator, not you.

I've been watching you delete posts from people with legitimate questions about the PSAK-47 barreled receivers and build kits.

Then watching you get confrontational with them when they ask "what the fuck?" about the deletion.

I would suggest that you put someone else on the social media job.

Since it's the same questions being asked over and over, perhaps you should have an FAQ addressing them?

One question that brings a deletion appears to concern the sling loop on the front handguard retainer.

Whenever someone asks about whether their kit will have one, or why their kit did or did not have one; you lock, edit or delete.

I want to know why.

The cast bolt carrier issue seems a side issue.  But you're swatting flies with a hammer.

I am wondering if the same person at SHOT saying there were no cast parts at all in any of your AK kits and the person handling forums is the same person.  The decision to put cast carriers and billet trunnions in the bottom tier and forged/forged in the top two tiers obviously came later.

Simply saying that the product line had changed would take care of the issue.

Yes, some would complain, but it won't seem like you were pulling a fast one or had something to hide.

Editing and deleting posts in your industry forums?  That does seem shady.

The offer to exchange a cast carrier for a forged one is good though.  The fact that there is such an offer from the company suggests that the person handling the forum job is not on the same page as the people handling the complaint itself.

It sure seems from my perspective that nearly every problem you're having with forums is because you're slow to answer, answer vaguely when you do but are very quick to edit and delete.  That shows us you're logged in and active.  We can see you have the time to answer the questions, but are using that time to keep people from bad-mouthing you for not answering simple questions.

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