12 September 2017


I am sick of hearing that "you can always replace your stuff".

But that's not true.

What if your present financial health is much worse now than it was when you made the acquisition?

Like you had a job with a lot of disposable income that you no longer have?

There's lots of things that you can own that last years if not decades.

What if you can't afford to replace them, or the timeline for replacement is so long it might as well be never?

What then?

THAT, you pithy bargain basement philosopher, is why people put themselves in danger to defend what's theirs rather than abandon it to chance.

This is especially true if insurance for much of your property is an extravagant luxury compared to just having a roof over your head.

Here's a philosophy for you.  It's mine and if you want it, you're going to be in mortal danger to get it.

If we dropped this swishy "it's just property" attitude and gave out civic awards for killing thieves dead right there, there'd be a lot fewer thieves and recidivism would be dramatically reduced.

Yes, that includes shooting them in the back when they retreat.  I'm OK with the idea that once someone crosses the moral Rubicon and it's OK to shoot them for what they've done, you can shoot them any time thereafter.  ANY TIME.  Even a year later when you see them at a gas station.

Fuck 'em.

It is, at present, illegal; and I'm as law abiding as anyone can be.  But I think that it shouldn't be illegal to kill off scumbags who prey on those who've earned what they have.

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  1. Here in Texas you can shoot someone who is stealing your stuff in the back under certain circumstances. It needs to be during the nighttime and you have to believe you can't recover your property by any other means.



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