17 July 2014

Department Of Redundancy Department

SIG makes ammo now.

Perfect for The Lovely Harvey's carry gun...

This was/is her first gun.  FuzzyGeff's .40 Sigma fit her hand so well she went on a quest to find one of her own.  There wasn't a single one around in 9mm or .40 any place we looked.  We'd given up on the gun show and were on our way out the door when she spied a vendor with several.

But not in 9mm per se.  I'd never heard of .357 SIG at the time.  The price was a bargain basement $260!  When MSRP was about $400...  Wow, that dates the purchase somewhat, doesn't it?


  1. I do like .357 Sig. Pair of glocks and a Sig.

  2. I think SIG actually buys it from... (guessing from the projectile) ...PMC?

    It fits into the Ron Cohen marketing thing well. You can collect all the different variants and color finishes of the SIG ($_MODEL_), carry it in a SIG brand holster, load it with SIG brand ammo, and shoot it while wearing your SIG ball cap. It's living the SIG Lifestyle!

    It's sound marketing.

    1. Lucky gunner's review says it's underpowered in .380 and 9mm.

      I nabbed a couple boxes because the friendly local gun shop had SIG or nothing on the shelf. Expensive as it is, it's range ammo.

  3. Have been avoiding flying on any airline operated, owned or piloted by Muslims for many years now. Somehow people that live by "inshallah" do not do well with things that require mechanical maintenance.

    1. Inshallah, much like the Mexican "mañana" but without all of the rush implied.


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