19 July 2014

With A Sturdy Plastic Case To Prevent Fall Apart

I have completely taken apart a Glock 17 now.

Just the frame tonight, but I've had the entire slide apart before.

And yes, alcohol was involved.

What started this was wondering what weight connector this gun has.  It's the unmarked 5 lb. nominal.  That gives a 6.5 lb. pull.

The Glock 21 with an unmarked connector has a much lighter pull, 3.75 lb.  Since the 21 is from 1991 before the NYC "draw the gun with the trigger" technique had been discovered, I think it's the equivalent to a (-) marked one today (3.5 lb. nominal).

Both guns have the standard trigger spring.

Something I learned today is there are three connectors: minus, unmarked and plus.  Those give nominal trigger pulls of 3.5, 5 and 8 lb. respectively.

If you use the standard trigger spring.

There are two different New York trigger springs.  They are used with the unmarked connector.  The olive/silver version increases the pull from 5 to 8.  The orange/black version increases it from 5 to TWELVE!!

Yes, you can hang a loaded Garand from the trigger of a NYPD Glock and expect it to not fire.


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