02 July 2014

To Be A Dick About It

Rather than boycott going to Target...

Go there, load up the cart.

Go to the check out.

When you get to where you're supposed to pay say, "oh wait, you don't want me or my gun here.  My bad."

Then walk out without the items you've just wasted their time ringing up.

Now they have to waste even more time putting those items back.


  1. that's not being a dick. That is being a futile dick. The cashier gets paid either way. The cashier is the only one who sees you or hears your message. management never even knows you were there.

    1. The person doing the stocking is pulled from work they want done. It's disruptive.

      It's only futile if just ONE person does it. If twenty stores get twenty people who do this... The cashiers talk to each other. It gets noted.

      I know, it's DOING something. We hate that.


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