21 July 2014


If you should find yourself in possession of a Howa Type 64 and a cache of Japanese ammunition in a GURPS world...

Using NATO ammo bumps up the range, damage and recoil; but also wears the gun out faster.  I'd give it a malf of 16 to represent this abuse.

Update:  The weight should be 10.8/1.6.  I forgot to account for ammo when transcribing data.

Jane's Infantry Weapons 98-99 says 4.4 kg empty.
Rifles of the World 2nd Ed. (Walter) says 9.72 lb empty.
Military Small Arms of the 20th Century 7th Ed. (Hogg) says 4.4 kg (9 lb. 11 oz) unloaded.
Small Arms of the World 12th Ed. (Ezell) says 9.5 lb. without magazine.

20 rounds of 7.62x51mm is about 1.1 lb. so...

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