14 July 2014


"Did you know these celebs are gay?" in the suggested "from around the web" articles.

No.  I did not know.

Because I don't care.  I do not care if any particular dancing monkey is a homosexual.  Which really has a lot more to do with a disinterest in the off-screen lives of dancing monkeys than disdain for people's rights.  Which raises the question: are celebrities people or just a very human-like great ape?  There are dangers in anthropomorphizing...

I got my degrees in business administration and mechanical design; not primatology.  Someone else can study this.

What I am curious about is why several sites pop that suggestion up for me.  Is it the kilts?


  1. I get those too, like I care. I like the Dancing Monkey thing. Is that kind of like the trained circus bears?

  2. Heh, I'm deeply amused by Furries because I'm a field biologist. Also for the same reason I learn so-and-so is gay and I go "oh, neat!"


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