11 July 2014

Twenty Year Tupperware

A police trade in 2nd Gen Glock 17.

The serial number look-up says it was made in September 1994.  Why is that date familiar?

Something about that date...

Oh yeah!  That's when the so-called Federal Assault Weapon Ban kicked in and if your magazines held the proper number of rounds you had to mark them up like that.


It seems really strange that this twenty year old gun is "modern" and the eight year old gun is "antique".  I guess we won't mention that the first year's production of Colt AR-15 SP1's are now C&R....

Compared to the first wonder-nine...

Compared to its larger cousin...

In addition to both being Gen2 guns, they also both have dead Meprolight sights!

All in all, the Gen2 guns are my favorites.  The finger grooves just don't hit my hand correctly on the Gen2.5 and Gen3.  I've not played with a Gen4 to see if swapping the back-strap helps.  I think I am OK missing the rails.

Not that I am opposed to using a light... or a bayonet...

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