10 July 2014

Iris Valve

I've actually found an iris valve that you could use in Traveller!

Sizes up to 3m and up to 5 bar!

Color me impressed.

I'm going to assume that by TL10 they've solved the vacuum welding problems.

There was something else in the product information that struck me; a hand wheel for operating the valve.  It's so darned obvious that it never occurred to me; but they have pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and manual operation models available with manual being offered along with the other three as a back-up.

In the real world this kind of valve is used to meter flow of gases and liquids; not primarily as a shut-off valve.  They are better than a gate or butterfly valve because they don't introduce as much turbulence or cavitation to the flow.

For granular flows there's a fabric style valve too.

Something all of the real world iris valves have in common is they're round.  It seems that it's inherent in how they work; a geared ring turns and it has posts that run in slots on the plates against stationary posts on the coaming.

I've settled on a 1.2m diameter as the standard iris valve hatch.  Normal hatches are for when you want a pressure door in a shape other than round or where you don't want the computer to have any control over them.

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