14 September 2015

Speaking Of Rifle Grenades

Jasmine now has grenade sights.

Hard to see, huh?  Well they're meant to be out of the way when folded down.

To deploy them, you press the button on the side of the gas plug, rotate the sight 180˚ forwards, then rotate the entire plug 180˚ to close the gas port and finally raise the sight 90˚ up around the front sight.

The sight is actually rotated 270˚ total.

This is actually a REAR sight for the grenades.  You sight along the body of the rifle grenade and use the nose of the round as the front sight.  I don't have such a grenade to show off the geometry.

Also of note for fans of the "Assault" Weapons Ban, the combination device on a Belgian FAL, in addition to being a flash-hider and a bayonet lug, is also a NATO standard 22mm grenade launcher.

My combination device is missing the "grenade spring" which is a ring of spring wire that sits in the rear groove of the flash-hider and keeps the grenade in from slipping off the muzzle unintentionally.

If anyone has a NATO standard dummy rifle grenade they want to donate for photo purposes, please let me know!


  1. Back in my infantry days I had 6 FN's of which four of them were older than I was :) 11 lbs of greatness. We finished off one exercise by shooting off all the rest of our ammo but I was the only one in the track (M113) that wanted to shoot so the rest of the guys, including the C2 gunners, started loading up all the 20 rnd and30 rnd mags and giving them to me. I had a car about 1000 meters away and the FN-C1 only had a sight for up to 600 yars (if I remember right, this was over 25 years ago) so I did a few aimed shots to see where the rounds were landing then just adjusted until I could see splashes on the car. I shot off almost a 1000 rounds and softened up the barrel so much that it started to droop. turned the inside of the stock into charcole. Then promptly burned myself on the damn barrel when I was getting back into the track :) It was a great day. FYI - Canadian Infantry (2RCR out of Gagetown NB)


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