22 September 2015

Grenade Launching

The FAL combination device, otherwise known as a flash-hider can do lots of things.

First, it's a flash-hider.

Second, it's something of a muzzle brake.

Third, it's a bayonet lug.

Fourth, it's a mount for launching 22mm NATO rifle grenades.

Fifth, it's threaded to accept a blank adapter.

As shipped from DSA, this fourth feature is slightly disabled.  It's missing a small ring of wire that runs in a small groove at the rear of the device.  This wire is a spring that keeps the rifle grenade from slipping off the muzzle or sliding too far down the barrel.

A generous soul on FALFiles had several to spare and sent me one for the small price of two stamps.

Impressive, no?

All I need now is a couple of training rifle grenades and some ballistite cartridges to launch them!  The grenades can be had for about $50, the launching rounds are few and far between.

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