24 September 2015

Bad Thought

I would be inordinately amused if little Ahmed's "invention" turns into a real bomb before meeting President Obama.

Is it illegal for me to say that?  I lost track.


  1. Oh, come on, it’s just a harmless alarm clock. Do you know what sort of complex modifications it would take to turn a mass-produced alarm clock (like, for instance, Radio Shack catalog number 63 756) into a working time bomb detonator?

    First, you’d have to open the case, to get access to the internals. You know, like Ahmed already did. I mean, that’s a complicated feat of engineering that gets you invited to the White House.

    Okay, after that, you’d have to move the alarm wire from the speaker or piezo buzzer to a blasting cap, and stuff the cap into some explosive charge.

    Then, um, wait, that’s the whole list.

  2. I bet if you or I did that the only invitation we would get would be to Gitmo.


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