27 September 2015

Because It Took Me This Long To Calm Down

I really, REALLY, hate guilt by association.

I've ranted about NFATCA before.  Several times.

On Facebook, on Tam's feed, I had a chance to confront the president of NFATCA about their role in getting 41P rolling.

He just doesn't see it.  That makes me sad.

One thing he did say in his reply was that he'd personally seen a forbidden person attempt to buy NFA stuff through a trust.


That's exactly the same logic the gun banners use when they say "if just one life is saved".  Because to them since there's criminals breaking the laws with guns, we have to ban guns.

So since one person (and the only case I've ever heard of and only from the president of NFATCA) allegedly broke the law using an NFA trust, then everyone with an NFA trust is now suspect?  Every NFA trust was established with the idea of thwarting law enforcement?

Since the petition that got this ball rolling included the elimination of the CLEO sign off for individual manufacture and transfer someone there must understand the guilty until proven innocent nature of CLEO sign off.  One cannot help to think that they believe those of us with those trusts must be guilty and deserving of such scrutiny from our local chief law enforcement officer. 

With "friends" like this, we surly do not need enemies.

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