28 September 2015

Why Not Soldier

I am starting to really detest the term "warfighter".

It just tastes wrong.

It feels like something that a marketing firm came up with to assuage the feelings of someone whose panties binded up for being generically called "troops" and then launched into a three hour power point pedantically lecturing that "troop" is only properly used for horse-cavalry...

I am sure the guys in supply are all motivated now they're "warfighters" too.

How's about "Soldier", "Sailor", "Marine" or "Airman"?

I know they're archaic and lack the stylish flow of advertising buzzwords, but they're more accurate.

It's also always, "The warfighter."  Just one?  Why don't we call him by their name then?

The affectation of the imperial third person is probably what it really bothering me.

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