09 September 2015

Range Time

Willard asked if I wanted to go shootin'.

"But of course," I replied.

The "reason" was his new-to-him S&W 39-2.  If you find that you want a Model 39-2 and can't find one, it's because Willard is collecting them.  All of them.

Note the Hydra-Shok® 147gr JHP's (P9HS2).  Best ammo ever made, no improvement possible... (wink wink nudge nudge).

It shoots.  Unlike the double stacked 1st Gen S&W autos, the 39 feels right in my hand.  Trigger is nice, it doesn't weigh a ton, groups well...  What's not to like?  All you're really giving up is magazine capacity.  He found this one in a pawn shop for $350.

 Of course, this is 124gr Winchester 9mm NATO "For law enforcement use only not for retail sale" (RA9124N) that we bought from a retired cop who had cases and cases of it...  If you happen to live in Trenton, NJ we thank you for your tax money buying your cops ammo to sell to us!

I took the M&P 9 out to see if it shot differently with the Surefire X200 on it.

Nope, shoots just the same.  Point of impact was shifted a bit left because the sights are regulated for 115gr and I was shooting the 124gr.  Supposedly my revision M&P has the wrong rifling for heavy rounds, must mean heavier than this.  The shift is more pronounced with 135gr Hornady Critical Duty +P.

Yes, this whimsical target was fun to shoot at!  Just 7 yards, because... heck I dunno.

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