24 September 2015

Ballerina Molester

Edit, title changed because new "technical" information was given me by Tam.  THANKS!

Willard has come into a Pistola Automatica C.11.25mm "Ballester-Molina".

Another almost an M1911A1 pistol...

The slide is very much a standard M1911A1.

The frame is much closer to a Star B.

There's even some parts interchange; most importantly to the Argentine military, the magazine is the same as the 1911.

It's interesting to me that HAFDASA (Hispano Argentina Fábrica de Automores SA) is the actual maker of the gun, but it's always referred to as a Ballester-Molina.

Many guns look alike; please claim your own gun.  Top to bottom: Springfield M1911A1, Ballester-Molina, Star Model B.

A neat article on the type talking about its relationship with KMS Graf Spee.


  1. If I remember correctly, you can also interchange a M1911 barrel.

  2. The formal name is "Ballerina Molester". XD

    1. I will make the correction and use the "proper" technical term.


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