21 September 2015

Podcast Problem

I've noticed that quite a few bloggers I used to read, stopped writing as soon as they started podcasting.

Thus I have no idea what they are saying anymore because I generally cannot stand to listen to them ramble on and on.  Never mind their inability to filter background noise from their "studio".

It irks me because when I was reading them, they marshaled their thoughts well and made what I thought were good points.

Listening to them... yeah go with a script instead of attempting extemporaneous speaking.  The net effect is like recording someone's conversation at dinner.  It's interesting to the participants in the conversation and kinda tedious for spectators.

Also, I've noticed a "clubhouse" tendency with several of these things.  They have regular callers they interact with and defer to and brusquely snub irregular or first time call-ins.  I've even watched them dismiss one caller's position and affirm the same position ten minutes later when a regular caller expressed it.

1 comment:

  1. Reading speed vs. listening to spoken word speed is the main reason that I do not listen to podcasts.
    I could listen to one podcast or read ten (plus) different blogs.
    Another reason is that I have sports on the tv when I am reading blogs much of the time, it is not worth it to try to listen to both at once.


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