09 September 2015

Tactical Sales

With Wal Mart discontinuing tactical gun sales I decided to ask a couple of the local gun shops what's selling.

Pistols are what's moving.

AR's not so much as before, but still some steady sales.  It's not reverting to the '80's where the military looking guns are a novelty item.

The flattest sales are scoped bolt guns.  One owner put forward that he thinks, "the good guns are really expensive.  The affordable guns aren't very good."  The gun makers are in a bind with that one, you've to to make something your customers can buy, but it also has to be something they want to own.

I note that Wal Mart doesn't sell but the cheapest model of any bolt-gun offering from any maker...  Couple that with their no-exchange no-return policy on firearms and I can see this having an active effect on people wanting a second hunting rifle.

I can also see the makers not wanting to sell to Wal Mart after customers send back a few rifles wanting inherent and unfixable flaws remedied.

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