12 September 2015

Rifle Grenade

There's astonishingly little information about rifle-grenades out there on the internet!

So my Rhodesian mercenary gets three Energa-75's because I have stats for them.  I think the Energa is representational of several designs, if for no other reason, because it was widely copied.


  1. Find an older (affordable) edition of Jane's Infantry Weapons or Jane's Ammunition Handbook.

    1. I am not quite prepared to spend almost $100 on the '74-'75 edition just to flesh out a GURPS character. $50, yes; $100 no. I just about hit "buy it now" on one until I noticed shipping from Belgium was an additional $74.04 on a $13.54 book.

      My bought-just-for-Twilight-2000 copy of '98-'99 has several rifle grenades, but the ones I'd need for the bush war are long retired.

    2. Search some of the other major book sellers like Abebooks or Alibris. There is a 1978 edition of JIW available for roughly $25.


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