08 February 2017

Doo Daddy

AR Carbine Stocks are another area of study that falls well into doo-dad and gee-gaw territory.

There's a plethora enough of them to satisfy at least three El Guapos.


  1. There sure are...

    I recently ordered one made by Hogue. Who knew they made AR stuff? Don't have it yet, but I think I'll like it better than the Magpul MOE I currently have one one of my ARs.

    1. I want to make it clear that there's not a thing wrong with the generic M4 stock. But that doesn't mean it's perfect by any means.

      Every place the gun touches you is subject to subjective qualifications, so better for someone else might just be worse for me.

      Personal preference gets a vote!

  2. I'd like to find one that's multi-position, can take a large amount of 'using it to smash things like a club*' without breaking, and has a small storage area for a boresnake and oil bottle. Oh and costs zero dollars.

    *sorry, I just can't say 'butt stroking' without giggling.

    1. Shall we ship a pony with Sir's stock order as well?

      When I run across this unicorn you seek, I will nab it and share how I got it with you!

      So far I think we can hit any one of those three requirements. But not two at once, let alone all three.

    2. Actually I saw a test on one of the magpul stocks that did really well on the 'beat it like you hate it' test, and it had a small storage area that might fit a boresnake, but for whatever reason magpul wants actual cash money for it.


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