20 February 2017

I Have A Suggestion

Gander Mountain Files Bankruptcy

Because they can buy in bulk at lower prices, they could charge less than MSRP for those items rather than operating at higher margins than the "mom and pop" stores or gunbroker.

Heck, hiring someone who knows something about the products would help immensely.

Then there's the training to back off a customer who came in well informed of their purchase and is thinking it over; but paying enough attention to be of assistance when a decision is made.

Too often I've tried to get assistance and been unable to find an employee empowered to work the area I need help in.


  1. When Gander Mountain came to Round Rock I was fairly unimpressed by their prices. Given that we've got a number of other sporting goods stores and "outdoors stores" around... you'd think they'd be a little more competitive. Bass Pro Shops isn't much better... Cabellas not really either... All of those you pretty much have to either only shop the sales or be desperate for something nobody else local has in stock...

  2. When I first heard of a Gander Mountain in my area, I drove over an hour and a half to go visit it.

    I was expecting wonders.

    What I got was a huge dissapointment with their selection and prices.

    When they opened up a Gander Mountain in Richmond, I had some friends working at the Green Top Sporting Goods there. (A Bass Pro was also opening close by.) My friends were distraught, thinking that their store would be put out of business. They couldn't offer the bulk purchasing power, but they had great customer service and they knew the local market.

    Suffice it to say, they drove the Gander Mountain out of business and took over the building! It feels great to know that a local small business did good!

    And I didn't feel bad what so ever about Gander closing down.


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