01 February 2017


I have a plant in my back yard called an "elephant ear".

They're everywhere in central Florida.

What's fascinating about it is how it's been reacting to the weather.

Now that it's cold outside, the leaves are much smaller than in the summer.

Watching my plant react to the weather made me realize something about vegetarians and vegans.

They're not opposed to killing things to eat.  They're just opposed to killing things that react to being killed fast enough to see the reaction.

They're opposed to raising chickens shoulder to shoulder, but somehow think that wheat is a naturally occurring grain and that it grows in neat rows?

Even without taking direct gene manipulation into account, wheat is the least natural food on the planet.

It used to be a grass that had slightly larger seeds than other grasses.  We've been selectively breeding wheat for our purposes literally since we invented agriculture.  We're just deliberate and organized about it lately.

So the next time a vegan gets in your face about eating meat, just tell them they're hypocrites and let a dribble of bloody juice trickle out of the corner of your mouth (for dramatic effect).

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  1. LOL, I've used the wheat analogy before and watched a vegan vapor lock... :-)


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