17 February 2017


The Ljungman has an interesting rear sight feature.

It's calibrated for both round-nose and spitzer bullets.

To change between calibrations you remove the upper handguard.

That exposes the front side of the sight and a wire tab.

You pull that little tab forward.

Then you can remove the range knob and the range window plate.

The set of numbers closest to the knob are for round-nose.  The set to their right are for spitzer bullets.  The plate has windows in it that show only one set at a time, you simply install it with the bullet symbol you want facing the shooter.  Also notice that the ball-detent in the knob has a different set of recesses depending on which way the plate is set.

With the round-nose bullet selected, you can adjust the range from 100m to 600m.

With the spitzer bullet selected you can adjust the range from 100m to 700m.  Both settings are in 100m increments.

This is what we call an elegant solution.


  1. Yeah, that's a cool, elegant solution. Since you're calling this a C&R gun, I know it's old, but how old?


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