03 February 2017


It just occurs that if California manages to secede, there's never going to be a lefty liberal president in the United states again.

California would take 55 electoral votes with them if they left.

There's several ways they could break things up in Congress and thus the electoral college.

They could simply dump 53 representatives and 2 senators from Congress and leave the electoral counts alone.

They could redistribute those 53 house seats to keep the 435 count the same, but there'd still be 98 senators.

Of course, if California gets to leave, expect other states to demand out too.  Texas comes to mind.

Hmmmm, perhaps the south WILL rise again.  Who knew?


  1. Of course if CA secedes there will be a whole lot less reason for the rest of the states to leave. Maybe CA could take OR and WA with them. And the NE could split off on their own... There would be a whole bunch of people stuck "behind enemy lines"... but chances are that would at least partially settle itself out eventually.

  2. That is, of course, assuming that the non-hipster counties (most of inland CA) don't immediately counter-secede, a la West Virginia.


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