26 February 2017

Things I Wish I Had In 1984

Google Translate would have been handy.

Then this warning would have been noticed by the players.

Komunizm i socjalizm nie są dozwolone w obrębie miasta Krakowa!
Nauczanie, głoszącą lub nawracanie ideałów Marksa, Lenina czy Stalina jest surowo zabronione.
Osoby naruszające ten zakaz podlegają zatrzymaniu i mogą podlegać kar włącznie śmierć przez uduszenie.

Instead, since none of them could read Polish, it was just some signs...


  1. Free City of Krakow?

    I only got someone to play first edition one time. We had a blast, but never got to actually play any other time.

    Now I don't have any Twilight 2000 books any more. I should get the CDs from Far Future Enterprises (Mark Miller).

    I still have Palladium's Advanced Recon, though. Never got to play that, either.

    1. I even went so far as to convert First Edition T2K to GURPS for 3e and 4e. The Black Madonna plays much better with GURPS because there's rules for forcing fear on the characters.

      The Morrow Project is one game I never got to really play, but loved the concept of.


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