20 February 2017

Why Bother

Ever start a post and realize that the person who would benefit most from reading it, won't?

I've at least one former friend who've descended into a sort of liberal narrative mode on their social media.

I shouldn't be surprised since I gave up talking to one of them because they couldn't use any sources besides mainstream media when making an argument.

The thing about the mainstream media is this:

You look and you see lots of news organizations.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, Reuters... etc.

But when you dig into some stories, follow links and check sources, way too often all of them use the same source for their stories.  Sources that lead to suspiciously similar conclusions from all the organizations.

The collusion would be speculative, but there was JournoList...


  1. Bone ass lazy and hopelessly corrupt are not mutually exclusive traits.

    1. Enough about me, I was talking about the press!


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