18 June 2017

Also Known As An Indicator

My fugue is clearing somewhat about my arrest.

A clue, in case you did not know, that you're about to be arrested is when the officers start getting your pockets empty of potential weapons.

This is when you need to shut up and not say things that taken out of context create probable cause for them to finish arresting you.

A long expensive road later applied context to what I had said, but the arresting deputy isn't required to sort through that shit.

There's yet more expense on the horizon from this adventure in getting my name cleared and the records sealed and expunged and my happy face removed from the "look who got arrested" web pages.

That's another thousand buck that goes away because the county I live in has basically made the near boilerplate pro se application into a "you need a lawyer" hearing process.


  1. "...made the near boilerplate pro se application into a "you need a lawyer" hearing process. "

    Curious: if you answered every question other than name, address and SS#, as "Lawyer", would they actually kick your ass harder?

    So far, my only real experience with Da PoPo has been getting a gun stuck in my face for reaching for my wallet too quickly when asked for my ID.

    1. You're totally allowed to say nothing or keep insisting on a lawyer.

      I was very compliant, so no ass kicking was applied.

  2. Thanks for the information! That's something I shall keep in mind. Even though the times I've been stopped by the JBGTs, I've been able to talk my way clear.


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