14 June 2017

Lack Of Excitement

Now that Yahoo! has ceased to be an independent entity, it seems apt to mention Excite's long, slow decline.

Excite was once my home page.

It had a useful news aggregation gizmo and the TV listings were shown at the bottom.

Over time the news categories became less useful, or were eliminated.

At the beginning of the month the last feature I used routinely was eliminated, the TV listings.

I've not been this bummed about an internet thing since the "Mindspring Minute" ads stopped running on the radio.


  1. ""Mindspring Minute" ads"

    So, what were those about? I've never heard of them.

    1. Mindspring Minutes were part of MindSpring's ad campaign. It was usually some bit of useful or interesting tech trivia in the form of a "did you know that...?"

      They were good ads, but in 2000 they got bought out by Earthlink and the ads stopped.


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