11 June 2017

Bang Pop Pffft

22/45 and suppressor testing at the range today.

First, unmuffled:

Second, the dedicated .22 suppressor

Third, the 5.56 suppressor.

Bare it shoots center and low, the .22 can a little high and right.  The 5.56 can fires dead center.


  1. Did you do something to make the audio level constant in the recording or is the camera on auto? Impossible to tell from our end. Impressive performance, but it's hard to tell what it's like in real life. I tried to get the background noise at the same level in the few seconds before the first shot.

    I think with the .223 suppressor we're just hearing the mechanical action cycling.

    1. The camera is on auto.

      Live and in person the 22 can seemed to get quieter for the first three shots. Definitely working, and much louder than the 556.

      The 556 can is very nearly just the action cycling. You can hear the report standing there, but it doesn't come across on audio.


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