09 June 2017

Pat MacNamara Supports Waiting Periods

That's from a Facebook exchange that someone screen shotted from Facebook or Twitter, tmacsinc being Pat's login.

The video referenced also appears to show him supporting universal background checks (but that could be clever editing unlike his confession on Facebook).

A couple things, Pat...

No three any number day waiting period has been shown to correlate with any reduction in crime at all.  The few times it's come up in court the existence of a waiting period upgraded the charge to first degree murder because once you'd done the waiting period, you'd clearly planned on doing the crime.

In a burst of spontaneous passion I decide to murder everyone who lives in my home...  I can take my pick of several guns I already own.  A ten year waiting period isn't going to affect me, let alone three days.  However, since I have not decided to murder anyone, a waiting period is an unjustified delay to an exercise of my inherent rights.

In actual crimes of spontaneous passionate murder, "blunt instrument" is the preferred tool.  Look it up!  There was also a brief period of time where the preferred blunt instrument was a Bell rotary phone.

Now, let's talk about universal background checks (UBC), shall we?

UBC is registration, full stop.  Anyone who supports it is anti-gun and not our friend.  Do not give them your money.

PS: See how I did that UBC acronym?  Saying "universal background check (UBC)"?  That's how you avoid confusion now that every three letter set is the initials of at least three things to know that I am not talking about the University of British Columbia or the University Bike Center.

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