08 June 2017


Scandium Oxide ≥99.95%, spot price of $4,200 per kilogram.

Scandium Metal 99.9%, spot price of $15,000 per kilogram or $6,803.89 per pound.

Even if the entire 1.17 lb. of the gun was made from scandium alloy (and it's not) that's (at most) $39.80 worth of that super rare metal in it.


  1. Might want to check your math there. I don't think there is even 39 dollars worth of it in it, but your quoted per pound price is in the thousands.

    1. If the entire 1.17 lb. of the gun was made from scandium alloy, then AT MOST there's 0.00585 lb. of scandium in it.

      0.00585 x $6803.89 = $39.80.

      Maybe you should have remembered that high scandium alloys are a mere 0.5% scandium by weight before chiding me on my math skills, huh?

  2. Sorry you took it that way. I saw noting in the post about it being 0.6 percent of the alloy. I actually agreed with you since I was assuming the gun was using some tiny amount of scandium, just didn't see the numbers to support it.

    1. There's a previous post (Mostly Beer Can) mentioning it. I saw no need to repeat myself in this post since the older post had not even scrolled off the front page yet.

      I'm from an engineering background and "can't do math" is fighting words. I'm pretty sure I took your comment the way you intended from the way you phrased it.

      There were and are many less confrontational and insulting ways of saying you actually agreed with me, and sought none of them.


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