07 June 2017

AWB Math

7+1 of .45 ACP or 10+1 of 9x19mm?

.45 ACP is 2d pi+.
9x19mm is 2d+2 pi.

.45 does 3-18 (10 on average) against the torso.  6-36 (avg. 21) against vitals.

8 shots times the above: 24-144 (avg 80) on the torso and 48-288 (avg. 168) against vitals.

9x19mm does 4-14 (9 on average) for a torso hit and 12-42 (27 average) for vitals hits.

11 shots times that is: 44-154 (avg. 99) for torsos and 132-462 (avg. 297) for vitals.

For damage, the 9mm is slightly better, on average, because of three more rounds mostly.

You're more likely to land hits with the 9mm because its got Rcl 2 instead of 3.

Also, never mind that even with a 17 round magazine the Glock was almost a pound lighter than the 1911 and is even lighter with a retarded magazine capacity (2.8 vs 1.8 loaded).

But nobody uses ball ammo for self defense unless they're bound by law to do so!

.45 ACP changes to 2d(0.5) pi++ and 9x19mm changes to 2d+2(0.5) pi+.

This moves .45 to 4-24 (14 average) on the torso, but doesn't change vitals.  8 shots becomes 32-192 (112 average).

9mm goes to 6-21 (13 avg.) on the torso, no change to vitals, for 11 times... 66-231 (143 average).

Again, it's the extra beans that makes nine average out to more damage.

+P ammo buys us another 10%...  .45 ACP +P hollow points are 2d+1(0.5) pi++, 9x19mm +P hollow points are 3d-1(0.5) pi+.

The big bullets are now 6-26 (avg. 16) on the torso and 9-39 (avg. 24) on the organs.
Little bullets change to 3-25 (avg. 13) for torso and 6-51 (avg. 27) for vitals.

8 of 11.43mm +P HP gets 48-208 (avg. 128) for torso and 72-312 (avg. 192) for vitals hits.
11 of .36 Euro-Pea gets 33-275 (avg. 143) on the body and 66-561 (avg. 297) for squishy bits.

So... even in the dark days of the AWB it still wasn't quite the best plan to dump your 9mm for a .45.

Yes, shot for shot, .45 does more damage, but the extra capacity of the nine makes up for it, as long as you're hitting the target; which is also more likely with the smaller bullet and lighter gun.

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