08 June 2017

It Is All In How You Say It

If I were to say that for millions of years there were no documented instances of the sun coming up, would you believe that the sun did not rise every morning?  Or that it never had?

Yet, it's true.  For millions of years there was nobody around to document the sunrise, and for thousands of years after there was, they had not developed any means of recording the event.

Yet the sun kept coming up every morning.

Pay attention to how the media says it, "no documented cases of voter fraud."

They're not saying that there isn't actual fraud, they're saying that nobody's recording it.

That's important.


  1. Remember ol' Joe Stalin's cool sayin's for all occasions,"It doesn't matter 'who votes,' it matters,'who "counts" the votes.'"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!,

  2. There are also no "documented" cases of anyone who is eligible, and actually plans to vote who are being prevented from doing so by not being able to get ID. The Dems claim that there are supposedly hundreds of thousands of people that lack ID and the ability to get it and are thus disenfranchised. But when pressed (by a challenge that a Rep. benefactor would pay to get them ID) they can't provide even a single person. Most of the people they claim are being disenfranchised are either ineligible (felons or non-citizens) or are unfirm or have no intention of voting anyway.


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